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Thursday, July 30, 2009

which one??



well, once my title will be in english..i guess i wanna to write in english..
just to improve my writting la..huhu (even its bad anyway)

i just wanna share about islam and Islam...

can u see d'different??
letz think u guyz see it...

that u know there is a different between
islam ( "i" with small letter) and Islam ( "I" with capital letter)??

eat means eating(adverb or kate name am)
but Eat could be the name of somebody (kate name khas) because it use capital later there..

so, its just in the same case with islam and Islam...

islam means (tunduk dan patuh)
Islam means (agama)

everybody is Islam in Malaysia (accorcing in ic neh??) but believe me...
not everybody is islam even they had Islam in ic..
can u get it??

meaning that islam is not just a name of religion but islam is the way you live..
and the importance is islam is not a photocopy..
may be u can be an Islam because of your mom and dad are muslim..but u cant copy islam even
your mom and dad are ustaz or ustazah..hehe

then,what r u waiting for??
r u islam or Islam..check it now..
have u do what Allah tells u to do??

did i explain well in english??(i had a english teacher from hawaii)
if there somebody doesnt understand with my broken english..i will explain it in bahasa..just email me..hehe

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