peace =P

Friday, November 13, 2009




aq rase da lame sangat tak terjah blog aq nie..bile final exam mnyerang,biase la..

aq da free dr final azam cuti nie nak abis juz30 yang terstop lame 3 bulan lepas..haha


well, akhwat2 arj..sape nak chellenge??

to my problemz..

after couple of time i'll try to avoid my confuse feeling towards the meaning of i guess it much clear..

i know that TIME is the problem upon everything..just wait until you see the right path..then go for it..

i know that the wrong path always come first and seems so much fun in it..but actually, if u wait some more, u will see that the right path is u truthfully choice..its just about time...

p/s: alhamdulillah..everything seems mush better to me heart,my feeling, my soul...its all coming back to its owner...


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