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Sunday, March 15, 2009

GO ikhwan...

10:00 AM

after qiam this morning..everybody have their own halaqah..insyirah with their mom n also gethering as-saff n humaira'..ehm..i feel like i love this feeling in feel like everybody wanna be a better person...but there is one thingz that i'm thingking a lot...that i wanna be a better person today??

sometimes i feel like its hard to istiqamah but once we did n did..thatz will be possible to do so...

thankz to adik bintulu...and my beloved new ar-ruhul jadid next sem...i love u all lah..hope we dont ever fall down..even how hard people want to see us down..this team will never go back but they will..ok??

u know what??what ever that they did to us is one of our tarbiyyah that Allah gave to us to makes us more stronger that, its not big deal..they can do anything to us untill our last blood fall to earth...but dakwah n islam that we bringz is alwayz move on n never stop...go akhawat...we have our ikhwah and akhwat all over the world that have the same fikrah like day we will be together to make an ustaziatul alam...go ikhwan...

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