peace =P

Sunday, October 17, 2010


tanpa a.k.a without

ehm,i thought i can live better without my best friend...
but the real things, i totally can't...
now i miss my best friend in every second...
is that too much???

boleh ke die maafkan aq lagi...
include 3 days before today, i already did a same thing for more than 5 times....

in what matter..i just wanna say that:
aq sayangkan die dan sgt perlukan die sekarang...(depression mood)


Don't turn your back on me. Look in my eyes.
When the whole world was all white,
Did you forget the promise we had then?

Why do you leave me now?
Is it easy for you to do so?
Is it only hard to me?

Since the beginning, our love has been wrong.
With tears, I beg you not to abandon me anymore.

Do you know you should be the ever-lasting light for me?
Never forget when you leave, the whole world in my heart would also disappear.
I want to breathe in the midst of your love....

I smile at the thought of you. It gives me strength.
I cry at the thought of you. I became scared of everything.

p/s: why this is happening?? T.T



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