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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


what come in ur minds??haha
i dont think any until they told me so..
1. Kukurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu...(br lepas kelas 5 jam semalam)
or some of us says: 2. Kursus Pra-Perkahwinan...
i know i am not ready for the second, i guess u just need to attend for the first one 1st...

well, some teacher there,saying something that takes my eyes on him (surely not to fall in love)
is when they saids about Malaysia ranking in the worlds...
i dont know the latest info but still KLCC is one of the highest building in the worlds...
proud huh??
how about this ranking??

= Malaysia is number 3 in the world...

= Malaysia is number 1 in the world...

i repeat... IN THE WORLD

i dont know bout others...but i am surely afraid want to continue my driving class...
arrggghhh...this is not fair...

p/s: aq amik lesen kerana kerje full time aq memerlukan aq amik lesen...semoga Allah permudahkan dan memberi semangat padaku. hamba yang lemah...amiinn

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