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Friday, February 26, 2010

miss him


last day to us,
last day for us,
to be together
after 4 years..
how can i live without arj team in my life..
how can i survive with my new family...

i try to believe i can, i could
and hope the same goes to all arj team...

somebody ask me:
her:what u do if Rasulullah just in front of u today, right now
me:i will said i love him and miss him
her:ohw, if i were u..i will say sorry about what happen today..
i keep silent and really miss him...i will say sorry too actually...
i said i love and miss him, but i am not following his sunnah with all my heart...
his biggest sunnah that he left for us: dakwah

can i say i love him??or miss him??
will he accept me??
why he left me here??i know there must be a is fate..

ps: selawat ke atas baginda...its maulidur rasul..what gift that we wanna give for him??

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